Wellness in Copenhagen – Treatments mostly for her

We have composed a number of popular treatments tailored to her. The focal point is wellness, but consider the different treatments as inspiration and let us hear what you associate with wellness. In this way we can deliver exactly the treatment you want.

Temple massage by Pañpuri

The treatment starts with a ½ hour pampering of the soul and feet. You will have a nice foot bath, foot play, foot masks and foot massage – while enjoying a glass of bubbles, a little fresh fruit and finding the peace. You also have the option to choose the aroma oil that will be used for your body massage afterwards. Then follow 1 hour of body massage. Duration: 1½ hours 1.000,- pr. person. Temple Deluxe ends with a hand or face cage. Duration 2 hours 1.300,- pr. person.

East Urtebolde City Pañpuri

This herb massage is an ancient traditional Thai massage that is performed with warm fragrant fabric bags filled with spicy herbs that are squeezed out throughout the body. Herbs increase blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness, tension, and renew energy. Duration: 1½ hour 1.200,- pr. person East’s Herbball Deluxe starts with a footstool. Duration 2 hours 1.500,- pr. person.

Jasmin by Pañpuri

Our popular Jasmine package consists of a delicious body scrub, which the massager performs with clever hand before receiving a moisturizing body full body vitamin. While wrapping works, you get a nice face massage. The treatment ends with body massage for 40 minutes. Duration: 2 hours 1.500,- pr. person. Jasmin Deluxe begins with a footstool. Duration: 2½ hours 1.800,- pr. person.

Desert Sand at Kalahari

The treatment begins with a ½ hour foot treatment, while you enjoy a glass of bubbles and fresh fruit. Then perform a full body play with red desert sand or salt from one of the great salty islands in the African desert. You choose yourself: Silk soft, jump in a nice aroma bath for approx. 20 min, filled with nourishing oils, followed by a full body massage, where we use Calabashes (dried fruit), pearls of Jobs Bead kernels and warm sands. Before your treatment is completed, choose the fragrance you want for your neck, shoulders and scalp massage. It’s pure wellness and an unforgettable experience in Kalahari’s world! Duration: 2 hours 1.800,- pr. person.

Hot Stone Massage

A massage form where hot lava is used. The combination of hands and the hot stones provide an in-depth massage that relieves muscle tension incredibly efficiently while providing inner peace and well-being. Duration 1½ hours 1.200,- pr. person. Hot Stone Deluxe begins with a footstool. Duration: 2 hours 1.500,- pr. person.

Buddhas Oil

Nothing less than a divine treatment! After a relaxing body massage we let warm and soothing oil hit your forehead (your third eye) and it will flow through your hair. The treatment ends with a nice scalp and facial massage. Duration: 1½ hour 1,300, – per. person Buddhas Oil Deluxe begins with a footstool. Duration: 2 hours 1.600,- pr. person.

Buddha Massage by Kalahari

This treatment begins with massage of the shoulders, neck and back, so your tension disappears, and the calm comes in. Next comes a beautiful face cut, consisting of cleansing, peeling, mask and scalp massage. The treatment ends with a nourishing face cream. Duration 1 hour 800,- pr. person Buddha’s Massage Deluxe, incl. 30 minutes of extra massage, where you receive a full body massage. Duration: 1½ hour 1,000, – per. person.

Water Temple is incl. in all the above body treatments. The above is our offer of the best wellness treatments for her. Are you inspired for an experience beyond the usual, give yourself a few hours of freedom from Copenhagen’s bustle and bustle, and book time for a luxurious treatment.

Effective processing time is: 1 hour: 50 min. 1½ hour: 80 min. 2 hours: 110 min. 2½ hours: 140 min.


We perform wax treatment with a wax containing honey and mother of pearl. We grow both face, arms, back, bikini and legs. However, not Brazilian wax.

Lower leg, knee and down: 30 min. 345,-  Full leg incl. bikini: 60 min. 495,-  Bikini Line: 30 min. 245,- Armpits: 15 min. 195,- Back: 30 min. 395,-  Overlap or garden: 15 min. 145,- Overlap and garden: 30 min. 245,-

Add EpilaDerm to your wax treatment 15 min. 100,- EpilaDerm is based on the latest research on effective method of permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. Can be used for waxing face, bikini or armpit.

Please note that wax treatments can not be booked online. Ring the bell 33 15 89 55 to order time.


We’ve collected our treatments in categories so you can quickly get an overview. Finally, you must not limit yourself to the categories, they are just for inspiration. Most body treatments can be performed on two people at the same time in the same room – it is a very good experience.

For all our body treatments from $ 800, you can use our spa “Oriental Water Temple”, but you can buy it for ½ hour massage and cosmetic treatments 150, -.

Just keep in mind swimwear, we provide bathrobe, towel and mower.

Most for her

We have composed a number of popular treatments tailor made to her.

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Most for him

We have composed a number of popular treatments tailor made for him.

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The classical physiological massage is offered at both our clinics in Copenhagen and at the Clarion

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massage for two

There is nothing more romantic than that be pampered with his partner.

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Wellness gift card

A Gift Card for Ni’mat Massage & Spa gives joy, pampering and presence to those you care about.

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With the help of organic plant extracts, effective clay and fruit enzymes from Africa, it is achieved impressive results

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