Sports massage and mass massage are popular for him

We have selected some of our treatments, which are especially popular with the man, so you can quickly get an overview. All people are different, which means that the following should only be seen as inspiration, we tailor the treatment as you wish, and you can easily combine sports massage with all our other treatments.

You can get sports massage at Ni’mat at both our departments

Sports Massage

Whether you have just ran a marathon, played a game of squash with your friends or maybe just take a walk or two around the lakes, our sports massage can help remove the lactic acid in the muscles, strengthen your circuit and process it. tenderness in your body. This allows your muscles to recover faster and be ready for the next workout. When you meet up for your first treatment, you will, in collaboration with the masseur, determine what treatment is best for you and your body. Regular sports massage can reduce the risk of injury and give you greater performance and more well-being in everyday life. Duration: 1 hour, 800,- pr. person.

Stone Massage

A rock massage takes place with hot lava rock. Combining both hands and warm stones gives it an in-depth massage that helps relieve muscle tension in an efficient way while providing well-being and inner peace. Duration: 1½ time 1.200,- pr. person. Hot Stone Deluxe begins with a footstool. Duration: 2 hours 1.500,- pr. person.

Other treatments

Facial treatment to him

To all well-groomed, blessed and fragrant men, we recommend this lovely treatment. The skin is analyzed, cleaned, peeled, steamed and finally deepened. Then your face is applied to a face mask. While the mask works, your hands are massaged. Then follow a discreet and cleansing facial massage including. direction of the brow, ear and nose hair.

The treatment ends with creams to face and hands as well as guidance for home care products. Duration: 1½ hours 895,- pr. person.

Classical physiological massage

If you need an in-depth massage form, physiotherapy is the right choice because all the muscles of the body are being worked on. We make the massage based on the needs you have. Like all other treatments, you get an experienced and skilled masseur who will enjoy circling you. Duration: ½ hour massage 500, – 1 hour massage 800, – 1½ hours massage 1.000,- pr. person.


Acquisition of Oriental Water Temple 150,-

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We’ve collected our treatments in categories so you can quickly get an overview. Finally, you must not limit yourself to the categories, they are just for inspiration. Most body treatments can be performed on two people at the same time in the same room – it is a very good experience.

For all our body treatments from $ 800, you can use our spa “Oriental Water Temple”, but you can buy it for ½ hour massage and cosmetic treatments 150, -.

Just keep in mind swimwear, we provide bathrobe, towel and mower.

Most for her

We have composed a number of popular treatments tailor made to her.

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Most for him

We have composed a number of popular treatments tailor made for him.

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The classical physiological massage is offered at both our clinics in Copenhagen and at the Clarion

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massage for two

There is nothing more romantic than that be pampered with his partner.

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Wellness gift card

A Gift Card for Ni’mat Massage & Spa gives joy, pampering and presence to those you care about.

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With the help of organic plant extracts, effective clay and fruit enzymes from Africa, it is achieved impressive results

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