Sara Makchumnum

My name is Kedsara Makchumnum (Sara), i am 37 years old. I come from Southern Thailand. I studied traditional Thai massage 9 years ago in Watpo Thai Traditional Medical School. Since then I gained experience from spas and hotels around Thailand. I enjoy offering a time of relaxation and healing. I am new to the team of Nimat Spa, hope to see you for an experience of relief and recreation.

Fanner Ingi Gudmundsson

My name is Fannar Gudmundsson, I am 32 years old and born in Iceland.

I have a therapeutic education in healing massage, counseling therapy, anatomy, physiology and disease studies. In addition to my education, I have taken a course in sports acupuncture. Since 2011 I have worked independently in companies where there is a fairly high demand for massage.

I have been employed in Ni`mat Spa since 2010 and works primarily in the spa department at Clarion Cph Airport. I love my work and with me you always get good service and treatment at a high level.

Kate Skwarczynska

My name is Kate. I am skin and massage therapist.

I graduated from Private University in Krakow with Bachelor of Science in Cosmetology and Health Promotion.

I have 8 years professional experience in a beauty salon and Spa.

Face treatment for me is particularly interesting. Problematic skin (acne, pigmentation, aging) is a challenge for me but with experience of the aesthetic medicine I can accomplish more of it.

A big satisfaction in my work make have effective treatments and happy customers.

Krasimir Filipov

Hi, my name is Krasimir Filipov. I was born and raised in Bulgaria, where I graduated as a sports massager after graduation. I have graduated in 2002 in the capital Sofia. After that, I worked as a sports massager on a soccer team in Cyprus and later linked to a five-star Balneotherpy Spa hotel. I have worked with people who have had physiological and health problems. I have almost always happy and satisfied customers. My skills are:

  • Medical and sports massage
  • East Asian Chinese Massage
  • lymph massage
  • Japanese saionji massage
  • moxer
  • Cupping Massage
  • electro therapy
  • cryotherapi

Kristin Ingolfsdottir

My name is Kristin, is 55 years old and from Iceland. Has been in the industry since 1981. Started as a cosmetologist (CIDESCO), a massage therapist followed by a field therapist education. Becoming a graduate at the School of Psychomotorism as a Relief Educator in 2007, in order to better understand the connection between psyche and body, a holistic approach to man. I have been working at Ni’mat for 7 years at Hotel Clarion Cph Airport and Hotel Kong Arthur. I provide all types of body treatments specializing in pregnancy massage, which is my major area of ​​interest.

The environment here at Ni’mat I love. Here is a wonderful atmosphere, a place where one can be mindful. I have great colleagues here from all over the world, and we exchange ideas interdisciplinary that reinforce our development and knowledge within the subject. Take the first step full of confidence. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

Krisztina Klein

Growing up with my disabled parents helping people became a part of me. To become the best at my profession I travelled the world and gathered my skills from the best schools in the US, England, Thailand and Australia.

During my 15 years of practice I worked on cruise ships, worked in different spas in the world and had my own business in Hungary. I created my own style from different massage techniques that relaxes tight muscles and soothes the pain. I tailor make every massage to suit my client´s needs.


I achieved my qualification in Holistic Massage with Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology at the Bodyology School of Massage in London.

Being an athlete and previously worked as a personal trainer I have developed a well understanding of body mechanics. I started to take deeper interest in massage therapy after I suffered a herniated disc 10 years ago. After the injury I could not walk without strong pain killers for months. Just massage helped me to get through the horrible back pain and I was able to personally feel the effect of massage and it massively changed my life.

Now, being a therapist myself, I focus on holistic approach and tailoring the treatment to the client’s needs. I take special interest in myofascial release and trigger point therapy.

Mesha Mashall

I am a trained sports massager and have over the years helped a myriad of people with different physical problems.

I started my masseur career in 2004. I am strong as a bear and known to provide a good, effective and profound massage. So if you need a good and thorough massage, it is highly recommended to book a time with me.


My name is Samantha and I am a certified massage therapist from Pennsylvania, USA. I graduated from National Academy of Massage Therapy and Healing Sciences in 2010. I am educated in corrective muscle therapy techniques, anatomy, physiology, and pathology for massage. Since graduation I have worked in the spa industry, as well as taking massage continuating education courses. I use my extensive massage skills to give my clients a personalized treatment. I believe massage is about the wellness of mind and body.

Nuch Chalamporn Jensen

My name is Chalamporn Jensen. I am educated masseur from Thailand’s world-famous masseur school Watpo, located in the center of Bangkok. Here I have learned more traditional techniques that are hundreds of years old, and have a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Here from and through my work in Thailand and my work at Ni’mat for the last 5 years as a masseur, I have some experience in stress pain, well-being and treatment massage.

To me it is crucial that the customer is at the center and that it is her or his needs that are listened to.

This is also the reason I have many regular customers.

Princess Porte

I completed my college studies as a Physio Therapist in the Philippines. After I realized that the hospital is not the right environment for me I studied massage therapy in England and Thailand and worked on cruise ships for 5 years, then moved to Hungary where I had my own massage business for 6 years. My educational background, which gives me a deep understanding of anatomy and my 13 years of experience helps me give the best personalized treatment to each of my clients.

Boris Turnsek

Being a massage therapist has always been a fun journey for me. I have been doing it for over 10 years so I have amassed quite a bit off knowledge and experience. Extensive massage education and dealing with people´s particular problems have led me to develop my own style, which I can always adapt to the need of the client. The best way to describe it would be to call it therapeutic deep tissue massage. But even though it is “deep” I believe that everybody today needs relaxation and that is something that I always aim to give to my clients. Besides massage, I am interested in all natural and psychological healing therapies like yoga and meditation, which I do regularly.


My name is Jobs “A trained and passionate massage & physiotherapist with five years of experience in various countries. I am good at Shiatsu, Osteopaths, Reflexology, Sport massage and so on.
I took the course at Doctors Lab Chittagong, Bangladesh. Then I was sent to Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia for about a year of internship. Coming back home, I joined at Doctors Lab for some years. After that because of an intrinsic intention, I left home for higher education to Greece and that was a gap in massage & physiotherapy. After some years, I joined as massage & physiotherapist in Prague, Czech Republic followed by another discontinuance of few years for further higher studies in different field in the UK and Norway.
And again here I am in Ni`mat as proud massage therapist. I am confident that my treatments will be able to give you one of the best experiences.
Thank you.”

Tine Kloster

My name is Tine and I’m a cosmetologist. I am from Sønderjylland and is a qualified skin therapist in Kolding. Later I have taken a Japanese lifting course in Roskilde. It’s great to have a job where every day is unique and never the same. I love to work in a subject where new things and new developments are constantly evolving and always becoming wiser. A subject that keeps track of time and constantly keeps up to date. The skin is an exciting area! I have been working for organic skin care for the past five years, which is important to me. I think it’s good to say that I work with some of the best products on the market – and you can get on the skin with a good conscience! Remember that the condition of your skin may change, so if you have any doubts about it, take a look at me and we’ll look at it. It is important to me that my customer feels good and goes out of the door with a smile on his lip. I hope to see you 🙂


My name is Anna, I am massage therapist and I have been working in wellness and healthcare sector for 9 years. I get certification for sport and fitness massage in the nursing high school and have also certifications on deep tissue therapy and lymphatic massage. I gained my experiences in small herbal spa in the Czech Republic where I always tried to accommodate client’s needs as best I can.


About myself, I can tell that I have worked as a masseur since 2003, where I completed my education at the Faculty of Physical Education “in Egypt. Since the beginning of 2014, I have worked as a masseur at Ni’mat Spa.

As a masseur, I am very much aware that my treatments are always personalized to the customer. If the customer has an area that requires special treatment, I focus on getting loose in this area during the overall treatment. If the customer wishes a gentle wellness treatment, that’s what I give. I strongly agree that the customer may notice a difference after the massage, so I am very focused on the expectations the guest has. “


My name is Marie and I am an energized, curious Swedish woman who burns my subjects. I have worked as a skin therapist and makeup artist in Copenhagen for almost 17 years. My passion is innovative skin care, but above all, the whole concept of making people happy and giving the best treatment. For 13 years I have run my own green beauty clinic in inner Copenhagen, where the focus was on ecology and protecting the environment, all the way through. After many years as self-employed, it was time to try something new, so of course it was at Ni’mat Spa I was going to work. To me, the environment and atmosphere are just as important as a good treatment. At Ni`mat Spa I have many regular customers from my old company, but I am looking forward to welcoming you!


My name is Johannes Navntoft, 33 years old. I was born and raised in Denmark. I am a physical physiotherapist from the Danish Academy of Physical Therapy in Aarhus, 2016. Since the end of the course I have worked independently with another job.

The road to this has been wrapped up and led me through a matroscopy, sociology, and a course in mindfulness instructor. In addition, after an accident, I learned how important it is to have a healthy body and therefore I have good experience with diet and exercise. My motivation to work as a masseur is to help people strengthen or regain the energy, flow that everyone has – as part of a well-balanced life. One of the key ingredients is the body, as I see it, to which massage is an effective tool.

As a masseur I am aware of your body’s signals and I can, based on your needs, offer a relaxing and uplifting massage. I am new to Ni’mat and I am looking forward to making me experience here.


My name is Noelia Jimena Abildgaard and I am from Posadas Misiones Argentina, I am 28 years old and I am a masseur having graduated from the school of stylists Marichu Larumbe in Posadas Misiones. I have worked independently and in a spa which is called Gayatri. I enjoy my career a lot since the fact of doing massages relaxes myself and I like to help people feel better. Looking forward to see you, at Ni´mat Spa.


Hi my name is Hathaichanok Sunapat Jakobsen but it will be easier if you call me Nass. I am from Thailand, where I have studied the traditional thai (Cha loi sak) and oil massage. I have worked in many spa’s in Thailand for the past few years and I specialize in helping my customers with muscle tension, headaches, back and shoulder problems through acupressure and deep tissue massage. I´m looking forward to meeting you.